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Protein Trends: Sports & Active Nutrition


According to data available through Euromonitor the sports nutrition segment is valued at USD 11.9 billon, with the largest chunk of that market in North America; roughly 70% of the market. The top three fastest growing product segments, as determined by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) are Sports Protein Products (9.0%), Probiotic Supplements (8.6%) and Supplemental Nutrition Drinks (7.8%). Currently the base customer is expanding in this segment moving from elite athletes to millennials (21-34 y/o) and baby boomers (50 – 64 y/o). The latter two segments are learning and adopting behaviors from the elite athletes as the benefits of exercise [...]

Protein Trends: Sports & Active Nutrition2021-09-19T18:04:26-04:00

Emulsification Properties and Benefits of Milk Protein Concentrates and Milk Proteins Isolates


In food science an emulsion is a temporary stable mixture of two immiscible liquids, the most basic example being oil and water. In food product development we’re often tasked with creating products that require long-term, stable emulsions in many product categories. From soups and sauces, to ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, processed meats, vinaigrettes, dairy drinks and bakery products emulsions exist all over. One particular food ingredient, milk proteins, are actually well-known for their ability to help stabilize emulsions and this particular property will be discussed throughout this whitepaper. Milk proteins are nutritionally complete proteins that contain both major protein molecules casein and [...]

Emulsification Properties and Benefits of Milk Protein Concentrates and Milk Proteins Isolates2021-09-19T17:08:44-04:00

AMCO Proteins Launches Innovative Clean Label Dough Conditioner


HG-80 is an enzymatically hydrolyzed vital wheat gluten that is naturally rich in peptide-bonded glutamine (26% minimum). HG-80 provides functional benefits at low usage rates to many baked products like breads, rolls, flatbreads, pizza crusts, crackers, cookies and flour tortillas. As a functional protein, HG-80 is both heat and pH stable, as well as highly water soluble. It has a neutral, non-bitter flavor profile with the following functional benefits: Reduces Mix Times Increases Dough Extensibility Decreases Dough Snap Back Aids in Browning Cost-effective at Small Usage Rate AMCO Proteins designed studies to understand what effects HG-80 has on various doughs, specifically [...]

AMCO Proteins Launches Innovative Clean Label Dough Conditioner2021-09-19T18:00:30-04:00

Come & Visit Us at Supply Side West 2019 – Booth #3031


AMCO Proteins will be exhibiting at Supply Side West in Las Vegas between November 17th and 18th.  We will showcase BakePLUS, a unique blend of dairy proteins for baked goods and snacks, in delicious chocolate chip cookies. BakePLUS is designed to fortify baked goods and healthy snacks with protein without compromising taste, texture, or flavor with the following results: Fortify with up to 3x the protein Provide consistent rise with each bake Provide desired texture every time Eliminates unwanted protein flavors  Maintain batter consistency each time BakePLUS™ is heat stable, highly soluble and has been designed to resist gelling, prevent over-aeration of batters, and [...]

Come & Visit Us at Supply Side West 2019 – Booth #30312021-09-19T17:58:57-04:00

Acid, Sweet and Greek, Oh My! Navigating your Whey.


It’s important to recognize that not all “whey protein” is created equally. Each manufacturing stream from which whey is derived have uniquely different attributes. What does this mean? Let’s first start with the basics of whey and where it comes from and continue with the higher protein whey ingredients: whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.   Where Does the Whey Come From? Whey is the remaining liquid from milk once it’s been curdled via enzymes or acids. Curdling milk can be done in a number of ways, but the biggest source of whey is the byproduct of hard cheese making [...]

Acid, Sweet and Greek, Oh My! Navigating your Whey.2021-09-19T17:57:27-04:00

Whey Protein & Diabetes


INTRODUCTION Diabetes Mellitus is a disease identified by the body’s impaired ability to produce (or respond to) the pancreatic hormone insulin, which results in abnormal carbohydrate metabolism elevating sugar levels in the blood and urine. Greater than 90% of all cases of diabetes is classified as Type II (T2D) which will be the primary focus of this white paper. Currently, 9.4% of the U.S. population, or 30.3 million people have T2D1. Some characterizations of T2D patients and risk factors leading to the diagnosis include: 87.5% of adults were overweight or obese. 40.8% of adults were physically inactive. 73.6% of adults have [...]

Whey Protein & Diabetes2021-09-19T17:16:50-04:00

BakePLUS Solves Waffle Cracking Issues and More


  Situation A customer approached our team after dealing with problems fortifying their thin waffle with protein. They tried a variety of proteins - Pea Protein, WPC 80 and WPI. The customer experienced breaking and cracking challenges in waffles and had machinability issues due to the batter viscosity and tackiness.   Goals Eliminate cracking in waffles Achieve desired nutritional parameters Manufacture on current equipment   Solution AMCO Proteins evaluated the gold standard waffle batter to understand its behavior while mixing and baking. The evaluations also involved several iterations with whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and pea protein. Whey [...]

BakePLUS Solves Waffle Cracking Issues and More2021-09-19T17:12:08-04:00

Why are Milk Protein Isolates and Concentrates Ideal Proteins for Sports & Weight Loss Nutrition?


When selecting the perfect protein for your product there’s a lot to consider: how will the product be processed, what’s the product’s pH and who is the intended audience are just the tip of the developmental iceberg. Take for example the weight loss and sport nutrition market segments: why is one protein valued over another and is there clinical evidence to support and validate its usage? This is where food science crosses over with medical science, and as food scientists we needs to be able to evaluate the clinical evidence on how various proteins affect the human body. In this blog [...]

Why are Milk Protein Isolates and Concentrates Ideal Proteins for Sports & Weight Loss Nutrition?2021-09-19T17:55:48-04:00

What does “clean label” actually mean?


From a regulatory perspective the term “clean label” has absolutely zero definition, but it is a very strong term to the consumer. In fact, as a consumer-driven term, it has swept the food industry and created a movement. Foods defined as clean label are perceived healthier, better-for-you and more wholesome than other products. The term also means that a product has the least amount of ingredients as possible and the ingredients used are regularly known to consumer as wholesome, less processed and more close to nature. This also means that ingredient names should be recognizable and pronounceable by most consumers. In [...]

What does “clean label” actually mean?2021-09-19T17:52:02-04:00

The Benefits of BakePLUS: Fortify Baked Goods with Protein


Baking with protein was challenging – until now. We’ve innovated a unique blend of dairy proteins that is designed to replace a portion of the flour while fortifying baked and snack goods with protein. At 80% protein by weight, BakePLUS helps developers achieve nutritional goals in their baked goods like cookies, pastries and cakes. We identified five main challenges that product developers are facing while innovating BakePLUS: Meeting Nutritional Needs of Customers Changes in Product Lift and Rise Changes in Product Texture Change in Flavor Changes in Batter Consistency   Nutritional Needs of Customers Protein continues to be a huge food [...]

The Benefits of BakePLUS: Fortify Baked Goods with Protein2021-09-19T17:50:20-04:00